SECCO is a specialized range of products for various types of construction works, both renovation and finishing. At every stage of the work, Secco offers a wide range of products of construction chemistry, giving many system solutions aimed at investors, designers and contractors at every stage of investment implementation.

Specialists looking for high-quality technical solutions while maintaining a favorable price, will find in the offer of the brand a range of proven and cost-effective solutions for watertight insulation and protection of buildings against moisture, even in the case of very stringent requirements.

Secco brand products are of high and stable quality, and are characterized by ready-made and easy-to-use formulas. All offered products, ranging from fiberglass mesh, liquid foils, elastic tapes, adhesives and mortars, polyethylene and insulating foils, and thermoinsulation mats, have been admitted to trading and use in construction, which is confirmed by relevant certificates and approvals.


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