thin-film adhesive


Thin-film adhesive SECCO KPE is a factory-prepared dry mixture of mineral binder, polymer, quartz fillers and improvers, that enhance application properties of the mortar, its flexibility and adhesion. After hardening, it is frost- and water-resistant.


  • Gluing ceramic wall and floor tiles (glaze and terracotta) to surfaces.
  • For use on surfaces of balconies, terraces, facades, as well as on surfaces equipped with the heating system of walls or floors.
  • For use on stable plasters, concrete walls and floors, surfaces made of ceramic and silicate bricks, screed surfaces, as well as gypsum and cardboard panels.
  • For gluing tiles on the surface made of old glaze and terracotta, residues of strongly adhering adhesives and cement mortars, wooden surfaces and water resistant fibreboards.


Package Pieces per pallet Pallet size
Paper bag 25 kg 48 pcs. 120 cm x 80 cm


The mortar should be stored and transported in dry conditions, in tightly closed bags. The product must be protected from moisture. Storage period in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer is 6 months from the date of manufacture, indicated on the package. The product must be kept away from children.

(the height of the trowel teeth):
2,25 kg/m2 – 9,0 kg/m2 (3 mm -12 mm)

Duration of tile correction:
10 min.

Duration of the maintenance of
operating properties: approx. 4 h

Adhesion after frosting
and defrosting cycles:
≥ 1 N / mm2

Flexibility (lateral deformation):
≥ 2,5 mm i ≤ 5 mm

after at least 48 h



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