tapes for thermal installation of windows


SECCO WINDOWS INTERNAL TAPE – blue, vapor permeable polypropylene tape, whose task is to protect the connection between the window and the wall on the inside.
SECCO WINDOWS EXTERNAL TAPE – white, vapor permeable polypropylene tape for thermal installation. The product is made of flexible unwoven fabric PP. High performance vapor permeability parameters allow evaporation of water and moisture, formed as a result of diffusion or leakage in the outer layer of the sealing. It retains flexibility at a temperature up to -40 °C. Products are equipped with special adhesive belts, to facilitate its installation, both to the window frame (adhesive tape), as well as to the wall (butyl tape).


  • Vaporization of water vapor and condensations accumulated in the window gap.
  • Internal seals preventing the penetration of water vapor from the interior of the building.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • External seal protecting against rain and moisture, coming from the external environment.


Package Size
cardboard 25 r.m. width 7,5 cm / 10 cm / 14 cm x length 25 r.m.
Pieces per pallet Pallet size
120 pcs. 120 cm x 80 cm


The product should be stored in dry rooms, in original, not damaged and closed packages.

white (EXTERNAL)

Basis weight:
135 g/m2 (INTERNAL)
115 g/m2 (EXTERNAL)

Reaction to fire:
class E (EXTERNAL)

Water vapor permeability:
0,051 (- 0,01 / + 0,03) m (INTERNAL)
122,37 m2 *s* Pa / kg (EXTERNAL)

Distractive strength:
130 N (± 15%) (INTERNAL) – along
190 N (± 20%) (INTERNAL) – across
≥ 100 N / ≥ 140 N (EXTERNAL) – along / across

Tensile strength along and across:
≥180 / ≥100 N / 50 mm (INTERNAL)
280 / 170 N / 50 mm (EXTERNAL)



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