thermal insulation mat


Thermal insulation mat made of polyethylene, consisting of colorless PE foil and PE foil, covered with a metalized layer. The metalized surface is a screen reflecting heat rays by its entire surface.


  • In the construction industry as the protection of construction materials from weather conditions.
  • Thermal insulation of cargo spaces of any kind of means of transport.
  • Thermal protection of fruits and vegetables.
  • Thermal insulation of ships, sailboats and motorboats.
  • Protection of car windows from the sun.
  • Production of thermopackages.


Package Size
colorless foil (roll) width 1,2 m x lentgh 50 r.m. = 60 m2
Pieces per pallet Pallet size
8 pcs. 120 cm x 80 cm


Store in original packages labeled by the manufacturer, in covered, dry, well-ventilated and sunlighted rooms, with the level and smooth surface, without protruding sharp objects and edges that could damage the product. The preferred temperature range: from +5°C to +30 °C (short-term deviations from the prescribed range are permissible, but not greater than ± 10 °C). Protect from moisture, as well as mechanical and chemical damage.

Basis weight:
110 g/m2

Bubble diameter:
10 mm

Height of bubble:
4 mm

The breaking strength:
≥ 30 N / 100 mm

Tensile strength
longitudinal/ transverse:
≥ 140 N/50mm
≥ 300 N/50mm



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