SECCO Alu 110/180

polyethylene vapor barrier foil


Composed of two outer layers of polyethylene foil and one inner reinforced layer of polypropylene mesh. The covering of the upper polyethylene layer using the aluminum layer, which prevents heat loss and ensures hermetic seal of the attic. It also meets the standards concerning the fire protection, according to the standard DIN 4102 B2.


  • Multifunctional protection of attics under the roof covering in sloped roof structures (ventilated and non-ventilated roofs).
  • Insulation barrier for water vapor and wind.


Package Size
roll width 1,5 m (roll) width 1,5 m x length 50 r.m. = 75 m2
Number of rolls Pallet size
120 rolls (110g) / 60 rolls (180g) 150 cm x 80 cm


Store in covered rooms, away from sources of fire. It is recommended to store in stretched pallets, for a maximum period of 12 months.


Basis weight:
110 g/m2 / 180 g/m2

Reaction to fire:
class E

Diffusion resistance:
2,5*1011 [(m2*s*Pa)/kg]

Water resistance meets
the requirements.

The breaking strength using nail:
≥ 120 N / 120 N / 230 N
≥ 90 N / 110 N / 180 N

Distractive strength along and across:
≥ 18 % / ≥ 10 %



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