SECCO Classic 110/180

low vapor permeability foil


Low vapor permeability roof foil of a pre-coating based on polyethylene, reinforced using the polypropylene mesh. For use as a waterproofing primer, protecting pitched roof structures. Thanks to a special micro perforation it allows the transmission of water vapor from the thermal insulation of the roof, while providing a barrier to the passage of water from the outside, and contamination.


  • Multifunctional protection of attics under the roof covering in sloped roof structures (ventilated and non-ventilated roofs).
  • Can be used on roofs with complete boarding.
  • Perfect wind-barrier material in skeletal structures.


Package Size
roll width 1,5 m (roll) width 1,5 m x length 50 r.m. = 75 m2
Pieces per pallet Pallet size
120 rolls 120 cm x 80 cm


Store in covered rooms, away from sources of fire. It is recommended to store in stretched pallets, for a maximum period of 12 months.


Basis weight:
110 g/m2 / 180 g/m2

Reaction to fire:
class E

Diffusion resistance:
≥ 1,7*1011 [(m2*s*Pa)/kg]

Water resistance:
class W1

Stretching in the direction
longitudinal/ transverse:
≥ 60 N / ≥ 75 N

Breaking in the direction
longitudinal/ transverse:
≥ 10 % / ≥ 10 %



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